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You know how it is with blogs. Stuff scrolls off the bottom of the page into oblivion. So every week, we'll post a "Best of iLifeZone" thread where we'll link to the most important information from the past seven days.

Let's start at the beginning - again.

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Episode #3

The iLifeZone podcast episode #3 has landed. Hosts Scott Bourne, Chris Breen and Derrick Story.The iLifeZone podcast episode #3. Hosts Scott Bourne, Chris Breen and Derrick Story. Special Guest Lynda Weinman from lynda.com.

NitroAV Firewire 800 PCI Express Card

I had hoped to review the Nitro AV FireWire 800/1394 b Express Card here today. I bought one two weeks ago for my MacBookPro since the 15-inch MBP does not feature a Fireswire 800 port. Unfortunately, once I finally received the card from Firewire Direct, it didn't work.

Show Notes: Chris Breen's Tip

If you’re purchased any classical, jazz, or “concept rock” recordings from the iTunes Music Store you may be annoyed that iTunes (and the iPod) insist on placing a gap between each track. Although you help to lessen the effect of these gaps by directing iTunes to fade one track into another (via the Crossfade Playback option in the Playback tab of iTunes’ preferences).

iLifeZone A Success!

Thanks to all of you who downloaded the first episode. We've already received some fan mail! Episode #2 is in the works. Be sure and tell your friends about the show. Our goal is to make the iTunes top 100 and we need your help.

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