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ILook Investigator Overview


The ILook Investigator Forensic Software is a comprehensive suite of computer forensics tools used to acquire and analyze digital media. ILook Investigator products include ILook v8 forensic application and the IXimager which are both designed to follow forensics best practices. They meet the computer forensics needs of Law Enforcement and Government. ILook Investigator Forensic Software will continue to be provided FREE to law enforcement.


ILook v8 - Computer Forensic Application


ILook is a powerful multi-threaded, Unicode compliant, fast and efficient forensic analysis tool designed to examine digital media from seized computer systems and/or other digital media. ILook has robust processing capabilities including advanced email deconstruction and analysis, thorough and comprehensive indexing capabilities, a wealth of reporting features, and advanced unallocated space data salvaging capability. ILook runs on Windows XP / Server platforms, both 32 and 64 bit versions.


IXimager - ILook External Imager - Tested& by NISTbilliard_new.gif


The IXimager is a microkernel Linux based digital media acquisition tool. The IXimager provides a user the ability to compress and/or encrypt image files with both speed and precision. Imaging accuracy in the face of damaged media, hidden geometries, and under adverse conditions is the hallmark of the IX. The IXimager supports the use of SCSI, IDE, SATA, Firewire, USB devices and Tape. It offers both hot and cold plug spanning access to additional storage devices and provides a totally authenticated evidence container.


Qualifications for ILook Investigator Forensic Software


ILook Investigator is provided FREE only to qualifying persons. Users must meet one of the criteria below:

1) Law Enforcement Agencies Whose Employees are Sworn Law Enforcement Officers

2) Government, State, or Other Regulatory Agencies with Law Enforcement Missions

3) Military Agencies with Authority in Criminal and Counter Intelligence Investigations

4) Government Intelligence Agencies

The ILook Investigator Forensic Software is not granted to commercial and/or private companies. It is not granted to Colleges and/or Universities for academic programs. Some criminal justice programs may qualify for ILook if the course attendees are themselves eligible/qualifying ILook registered license users prior to attending the class.

Only persons with a registered ILook license key are authorized to download the ILook Investigator Forensics Software. Users must agree to and abide by all ILook copyrights and Terms and Conditions of Use.

ILook v8 and the IXimager contain On-line help to assist the user in learning the ILook tools. The ILook Listserv provides users a forum for questions regarding the use of ILook's features. The is also a bug reporting website and FAQ to assist users who may have encountered a problem with ILook or the IXimager.



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