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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ list will be updated periodically

This will be the place to go for answers to the most common questions the development staff receive about ILook


ILook v8

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Supporting Agencies


1) I work for a non-Law Enforcement part of my Government agency. Our cases are for internal misuse of computers but do not get referred to law enforcement. Do I qualify for a license?

Answer: No. If your work does not support law enforcement, you do not qualify.

2) I work in my police department's IT department as a system administrator and would like your software to use for data recovery and back ups. Will I qualify for a license?

Answer: No. ILook tools are to be used for doing computer forensics for law enforcement cases only.

3) I applied for a license 5 days ago and have not received it yet. What do I do?

Answer: Be patient. Licenses will arrive in 5-7 business days but could be longer. Also ensure your mail server is not blocking email with attachments. If you have not received your license within 10 days, please visit the contact us page for the appropriate email address to contact.

4) I am not sworn law enforcement but my University has a computer forensics program that is for sworn law enforcement officers only. Do I qualify for an ILook license to teach the sworn law enforcement students?

Answer: No, if you are not sworn law enforcement, even if the attendees are sworn, you do not qualify to receive a license nor do you qualify to teach ILook. This falls under our provisions for Universities not qualifying for a license.



1) I would like to attend ILook training. When will there be a class in my area?

Answer: Check the training page for information. The NW3C is our primary training provider for ILook. Visit their website for upcoming dates.

2) There are no training sessions scheduled for my area with either NW3C or LaFear Group. Can you come and teach a class to my group?

Answer: It is recommended that you contact the NW3C. Their training is free to law enforcement and if they have a place to teach (provided by your group) and there are enough people, they will most likely do it. The ILook Program group (IRS) will come and conduct a special training class if time allows for it in our schedule. Go to the contact us page and send email to the training email address for requests or questions.


ILook v8 Installation

1) What do I need to install on my system to ensure ILook works properly?

Answer: Assuming the system is up to date with Windows XP SP2, the only other requirement is that you install the .NET framework up to 2.0. Also make sure that if you are running a 64bit version of Windows that you install the .NET 2.0 64bit framework.



1) Can I image directly to raw bitstream format using the IXimager instead of the proprietary formats?

Answer: No, IXimager uses a proprietary image container to properly preserve the evidence acquired during digital media acquisitions. Subsequent to the acquisition using IXimager, you can convert the proprietary image to raw bitstream format.

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