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ILook License Request Requirements


NOTE: ILook licenses are only granted on an individual (PER USER) basis. All individuals who qualify for an ILook license have to complete the requirements listed below (Letter of Request and Online Registration form with IRS control number).

Group licenses are not granted for the ILook software and under no circumstances can a single license be used by other than the licensed user.

Step 1 - Letter of Request


The letter must be on official agency letterhead in memorandum form. The letter must be signed by a management official or person in a supervisory role in the requesting individuals organization, at a minimum (e.g. Director, Sheriff, Special Agent in Charge, Supervisory Special Agent, etc...) and may be submitted on behalf of an individual, agency, or particular group within an agency. The letter must contain information regarding the individual and/or agency need for the ILook software and the primary type(s) of computer forensic investigations it will be used for.

For agencies that contain more than one group requesting ILook licenses, a letter of request must be submitted on behalf of each separate group respectively. If there is a management official that oversees multiple groups requesting ILook licenses, that management official may submit a letter on behalf of the multiple groups within one agency listing each sub-organization in the letter.

Contractors and/or individuals that are not sworn law enforcement or Government staff employees working for a qualifying agency must also sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (provided once the letter of request is received). The management official submitting the letter of request must also specify that these individuals, listed by name in the letter, are being officially sponsored to use the ILook software on behalf of the requesting agency and limited to the agency's primary approved purpose.

The letter must specify the following information for the request of one individual:

- Individual's Name that is Requesting a License

- Agency Name

- Specific Unit Name

- Title/Position within Agency

- Official (Agency) Email Address

- Mailing Address (include country)

- Telephone Number

- Fax Number

- (If Contractor) Company Name

If the letter is submitted on behalf of a group(s) within one agency:

- List of individual's names per group that will be requesting a license

- Contact information (as listed above) for one POC in the group

- If the requesting agency is sponsoring contractors the company name must also be listed next to each individuals name respectively

Submit the letter of request via mail or fax using the following methods:

Fax memorandum to:

Attn: ILook Program Manager

Fax Number - 703-313-4564

- OR -

Mail memorandum to:


Attn: J. Christianson / ILook Program

6359 Walker Lane

Suite 210

Alexandria, VA 22310



For questions regarding the letter of request please send email to


Step 2 - Receipt Confirmation


Once the Letter of Request has been received by the IRS an email will be sent to the POC listed in the letter via the official email address provided. A control number will also be sent in the receipt confirmation which will need to be entered into a field in the online request form for validation purposes.


Step 3 - Online Request Form


Use the following link and complete the online form to request an ILook license. Be sure to enter the control number issued by the IRS ILook Program Office in the confirmation email.


If there are any questions regarding this process please send questions to


Additional Information - Private Companies and Colleges/Universities


Licenses are NOT granted to commercial or private companies, nor is it granted to Colleges/Universities for academic programs. Some criminal justice programs may qualify for the use of ILook if the course attendees are themselves eligible/qualifying ILook users prior to attending the class. In this case the University must first obtain written permission from the IRS-CI Electronic Crimes ILook Program Manager.

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