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This is one of the most valuable resources for ILook users as it contains a forum for ILook help and tips


ILook v8

List Serve


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The ILook Listserv is for ILookv8 license holders. Here users can post questions related to ILook, as well as questions related to other computer forensic matters. The listserv should be used if you need assistance with a feature or function in ILook.

Membership requires that you have a valid (not expired) ILook v8 license. Approval is based upon your official email address you used when you registered for an ILook license.

Your list serve application MUST include your original registration email address - this would be the email address your ILook license file was sent. If you would like to use another email address for the Listserv – provide this preferred email address in the “comment to owner” section of the yahoo groups registration page.

For example, if you registered ILook using your official business email such as , but would like to receive your Listserv email at When you apply for membership you need to say that your original ILook registration was made using the email address and in the “comment to owner” section state your preferred email for the Listserv is

You can subscribe to the List at

If your agency has a group license you may also join the list. When you apply to the List please provide the details of your group license – that it, your agency contact who is your ILook contact point.

We would like to thank Jeff Thorpe and Victor Sanguanboon of the U.S. Defense Criminal Investigative Service for organizing and moderating the list.



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