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2011 Trends in Software Development


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Several new applications, systems, programs, and database development applications are launched each week. In this situation, how does one identify the trends during the current year. How do we identify the next aspects in the software development sector taking place?

Most of the software application developers know that there exists a potentially large market of small and medium businesses that require new and updated programs for their success. One of the suitable options available for companies in the off-the-shelf software industry is SAAS. In addition to savings in time, money, and hardware pricing, these provide better security and safety measures. Businesses are choosing applications that are located in a remote location and is accessible through the Internet.

A fast growing market where the demand is inexhaustible is in the applications that are compatible with smart mobile phones. The market witnesses the launch of new applications that are compatible with smart phones and other mobile equipment almost daily. These can confuse the users on the reliability and efficiency of various applications and the suitability to their needs. All types of businesses can find a program suitable to requirements of their businesses or personal needs. Users can find applications related to travelling, financial aspects, or business management applications, Iflexion website development which assist the business owners to work while traveling.

The management of large databases and increasing requirements for higher levels of security is driving the development of new programs to meet these needs. Modern businesses rely on maintaining large amount of data, which includes client information, product information, stock related data, and employee information. For the smooth and efficient streamlining of this vast amount of information requires strong database management capabilities.

Another important aspect that is becoming crucial is the security. Businesses are prone to several types of threats, such as industrial spying, malevolent software, and cyber terrorism. Software applications are being developed to reduce the possibility of such threats, hacking, and losing confidential information.

Finally, another sector that will witness expansion is the social media networking. A larger number of organizations are being linked to social networking to liaise between clients and speaking to their fans. There is a huge potential for software applications for commercial needs, social networking, gaming, and other tools to directly interact with customers.







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