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Navigon has been very active in changing the application with changing technology. Navigon has recent upgraded the features that are related to the traffic navigations specifically for the iPhones. This upgrading was being processed at the time when the iPhone car kit was being launched; it is so friendly that it enables the user to place the iphone navigator right in front of the user’s eyes near the windshield. There are several applications that are being offered by the Navigon in the Navigon Mobile Navigator one which is the live traffic application. Navigon claims that the application will improve the navigation coverage by 76% that will cover more than North American roads over the range of 200,000 miles. Apart from that it has also been said by the Navigon that the application will also be able to cover over 87,000 miles over the city streets.

The traffic live is much more useful after the upgrading because it will provide a guideline for the user to the roads and streets of the city and also provides the alternate routes so that the driver can reach their destination quickly and easily. The source that is being used by the traffic is the lnrix, it is from where the application fetch all the required information about the street and the alternative as well as the live updates. Lnrix is the system that is based on the data, information and jamming reports that are received from the drivers, driving the vehicles on the streets, along with it the other sources that are being used by the lnrix are the street cameras that are used for controlling the traffic, speed sensor also adds up to the information of the lnrix. In addition to that patterns from the history of the traffic on the streets are also being used by the system.

The current price of the navigation car kit is $50, the kit includes a device for the placement of the navigator and a holder in the form of a suction pad in order to attach it easily, along with it a charger that can be used in the car and a connector is also provided.












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